Saturday, October 12, 2013

Crayon Colored Towels and Ellie Update!

I am so happy with these towels!
Though...I only wove two today...
12 more to go...
And they will look even better
when they are off tension
washed, hemmed, and dried.

Just the thing to wake up your kitchen

Especially when the snow is falling
and the light is dim...

And...Miss Ellie and Duke having their
breakfast this morning with the fog all around.
Took her up to the arena for lunging
for the third day in a row!

Oh yeah...
AND I rode yesterday when
trainer dude was here!

Second time...but just at a walk because
we are training her to pay attention
to  my seat not so much
with the reins.  It really
feels good to be on a 
horse again.  Even with
that big old Western saddle.

Having a stunning weekend with
this amazing weather!


  1. Cait - your towels are simply delicious! love!!! and you are lookin' good on miss ellie, girl!

  2. So wonderful to see your loom work, Cait. I just wore my scarf the other day, and love it as much now as when I purchased it. What a prize!