Sunday, November 10, 2013

Annie's Towels...Part II

Just finishing up weaving...half a towel to go...then
it is off the loom, cut into pieces, hems
pressed and sewn, into the washer
and dryer, pressed, packaged and

Helping design and warp
another loom for a student/friend
who is going to weave a wrap
at my studio.  So pretty!

Meanwhile my Mom isn't doing too well.
She is having problems breathing.
On morphine now.
Very confused though it
was good to talk to her this morning.
I'm off tomorrow to drive
down to Keene, NH to see
her.  I don't know when I will
be back.  My sister, Faith is
on the road driving up from FL.  My
older brother, Paul, is flying in from CO 
on Friday.  We'll see how it goes.
Enjoy your week, everyone.


  1. ~ a little prayer for your mom, cait. xo

  2. Healing thoughts for your Mom Cait. My heart goes out to you. So good you can get over to see your Mom and that your sibs are coming too.

  3. Thank you Karon and Mary...I'm off this morning when I ever get organized. Don't know how long I will be staying...some of the sibs are not getting along so that should be interesting...had a lovely chat with my Mom yesterday though she wasn't making any sense at least she sounded happy!