Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Barn is Officially OPEN!

Not finished but we put the horses in!!!  And they seem very happy.  The only problem so far is that the barn door is situated to Dommie's left on his blind side so for him to see he has to turn his head ackwardly but he isn't in his stall that often and I am sure he will get used to it...meanwhile there is some grass in their new paddock and they are happy campers!!!!

Even though poor Duke has an abscess in his right hind hoof...Giving him bute and today he is looking better.  We tried soaking it with epson salts and warm water but he kept kicking over the pan...Will retry tonight since he seems so much better today.  It was probably just too sore to mess with the other day.
Meanwhile I'm cleaning and making a guest room where I used to do my dyeing upstairs.  I'll get pictures but I need to surprise Noah who is coming home Friday night first.  I think I'm nesting and wish I could keep all my boys and grandbaby and Alicia around or at least on the east coast.  


  1. What a great video. Congratulations to all on the bar opening and "happy nesting" with all the visiting family, dear Cait!

  2. Loved these videos! For an abscess I'd try soaking in epsom salts/warm water twice a day... it takes them a while to get used to settling their foot down in the bucket.. a wider rubber feed tub sometimes works better if you have one. Then wrap with vetwrap, carefully so as not to cut off any circulation, and duck tape over that to keep it on, and keep the abscess wound clean. You probably already know how to take care of