Friday, September 7, 2012


Adam, Alicia and Ava are coming tomorrow...I just had to post these pictures.  Please forgive...I'm a new Nana and madly in love.

Adam and Ava

First week...just home from the hospital

Adam, Alicia and Ava
I need to get off this computer and bake stuff or cook stuff or clean stuff...  I cleaned out the refrigerator yesterday.  OMG I don't even know what all that stuff was originally!  I think we were only using 1/3 of the space because the rest of the space was being used as a science experiment.  Then the oven.  I couldn't see through the glass.  So I went on Pinterest and found something I had pinned--use baking soda mixed with water and smear it on.  Wait 10 min and wipe off!  It was MAGIC!   I have finished with the guest room.  We hung doors, I made drapes (even though the windows are not framed out).  I still have to do laundry because Noah is coming home tonight and he will have more laundry and with a baby...
In fact I have so much to do I think my mind is frozen.  Oh and dinner menues, vacuuming, I can't see the top of the dining room table... is it time for wine yet???
I'm wicked excited!


  1. How exciting for you, Cait! Enjoy the time!

  2. Have a wonderful, wonderful visit. And now you'll excuse me while I go smear baking soda/water on my oven window... thanks for the tip!

  3. OMG, she is BEAUTIFUL!! Enjoy your time with all of them!


  4. A D O R A B L E!!!!! My 3 year old grandson comes for a visit in one week. I am so excited, also!!! Love those grandbabies!!

  5. Beautiful baby, thanks for sharing. Enjoy, enjoy!

  6. OF COURSE you are excited, Nana Cait! Have a lovely time with all of them. Of course you will. xoxo