Sunday, September 2, 2012

Chicken Wrangling!

Just had to get a video of Gary and Alex rounding up the chicks for the night.  Most of the chicks go in on their own but there are a couple of roosters that are highly independent.  Gary made a chicken catcher with a piece of hanger and a pole to catch their legs...seems to work better than my method of chasing them into the tall grass and diving for them.  They are quick little things!

Meanwhile I am cleaning and making curtains and thinking of menues because Adam, Alicia and Ava are COMING!!!  On Saturday for dinner and staying until Thursday.  I'm probably going to follow them down to Keene, NH and take pictures of my Mom with her newest great grandchild.  They they will go on to Worchester, MA and I will stay a couple of days with Mom, visiting, crying because they left...

Meanwhile, hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend!  Happy Barbeque All!!


  1. LOVE the chicken wagon and the wrangling method! We can't wait to see everyone. Ava seems excited, too!

  2. I'm so happy that you get your very special visitors this week! What fun to spend time with everyone, but especially Ava! :)


  3. We've had some comical chicken chasing moments here too... I use a rake. works every time.