Friday, June 22, 2012

Daily Life...

I have some catching up to do here!  Went to Faith's summer home in Otis, MA for her birthday...Oh this view...I want to live here...
We celebrated life, went to the baby shower for Alicia and Adam and met up with Noah to drive up to NH to my Mom's to take her car.  A 20 yo Honda in amazing condition! 

So now we all have wheels, though Gary drove down to Cortland, NY yesterday for his regional conference and his car died down there.  We will find out how it is today and if he has to jettison it I will drive down and pick him up.  Now if only we had air conditioning in ANY of these cars!  sigh...and it has been in the 90s.  I'm totally wilted.

 However, I have been weaving in front of a big fan.  I'm still in love with this texture and using my many cones of cotton thread.  Just finished yet another one and will take pictures maybe today after I twist up the fringe.

Just posted this one on Etsy...

So...I went out last night to do the horses...Gary has been doing them for me while I sulk in the heat.  And when I took off Dommie's fly mask I noticed that his eye is all swollen.  We found out a couple of months ago that he is blind in his left eye and maybe he didn't blink and something got in it...or a fly bite.  I don't know.  I wiped it with a cool wet cloth but now I have a call in to the vet.  For now I'm keeping them in during the day and letting them out to eat at night.  The biting flies are hateful this year!

AND next Wed. I an hitching a ride with my sister, Meg and her partner, Darlene and we (Noah, too) are all driving to CO to see two of my brothers...Stephen in Ft. Collins and Paul in Boulder.  Big reunion out there on the 4th with cousins and nephews and nieces and Alex is flying out for that.  Too bad I have to leave Gary home...and the dogs...

Ohhhhh!  Adam just sent me a video of the baby's heartbeat!  OMG!  Made me cry.  I miss them so much.

Hope everyone is coping with the heat!!


  1. Cait, you are a busy woman...and the texture of that piece, coupled with the colors...swoon!

    That view...again a swoon!

  2. You're having some real summer fun! Glad to hear it.. enjoy! LOVE that lake picture too...just beautiful.