Saturday, June 2, 2012

Summer Sorbet Cotton Scarf Warp

I love the new Mountain Mist scarf and the sett works.  While it is hanging on the line I am warping another one in peachy thread up and then one thread down.  I need about 180 threads.

I apologize for the squeak and the TV is on...oh well, real life.  I find this warping process so completely soothing.  Watching the colors build.  My own Tibetan Prayer Wheel.  I have enough length of warp for two scarves here but so far it is only about 7" wide.  I need at least 11".  Then I can tie it up, chain it, and bring it to the loom for dressing.  Then the winding, threading, sleying...and finally weaving.  Good thing I love what I do.



  1. ...truly remarkable work involved, and the colors are brilliant! I love it, Cait!!

  2. OMIGOSH. We have a 7 month old Morkie. That sounds very familiar. She needs the exercise too. When grandkids are down (3 of them 8-13 live 5 doors down) she is better. We have bells hanging for her to signal too. Sometimes she drives us crazy with them, especially in the evening!!