Friday, September 16, 2011

Totally Domestic...

Oh boy the tomatoes are in and I'm processing, and processing, and processing...Actually I'm just cooking them down and putting some of them through my Victorio and presto I have juice and pulp coming down the chute and skin and seeds out the other side! Easy. But there are soooooo many. phew. And I have been cranky lately. Trying to deal with stuff. And I've been whining, I know. I'm sorry. So I've thrown myself into domestic bliss. Bread making too. Gary grinds the wheat berries for me and I mix in a little ground oatmeal, some King Arthur's flour...yummmm.

I also rode this morning and that helped though Dommie spun completely around when he thought a hawk was out to get him. Really? We are just beginning to get both of us into shape for some real work. For now, it's walk/trot transitions and trotting a lot in the field to get his head in gear then into the arena to get stronger. I tried to take a video when I was riding but it meant riding with one hand western style and Dom hasn't a clue (or he was pretending) because he walked right into some bushes when he figured out no one was steering. So that was that.

No late blight here! Thank god...

Wheat berry grinder and bread making...

Ahhhh. bread. And linguini and clam sauce for dinner. Not only domestic but getting fatter! ha!



  1. so delicious!

    our tomatoes were not underwhelming this year...

  2. Hi EGoddess! People down the road here got late blight but ours are fine and there is nothing like fresh tomatoes! love 'em! xo