Saturday, September 3, 2011

Family Stuff and Barn Beginnings!

I couldn't resist taking a picture of Noah trying to scrape a decal left on his dorm window by the previous tenant! I drove him down to Skidmore, said a teary goodbye, and drove off to NH to see my Mom. Just wanted to check on her because since she came back from our family vacation a couple of weeks ago she has been thinking her house was moved. As in moved to another state or something. At the same time she was thinking this, another part of her brain was telling her that it couldn't have moved and it must be her! She is still driving though her world is shrinking down to gas station, grocery store and drs. Don't know how long they will let her keep her license though I drove with her and she did fine (drives a stick shift!), obeys all the lights, puts on her blinkers, etc. Just don't know what her reactions would be if something happened quickly. I think that she was just discombobulated from the trip to camp and back. She needs her routine. In any case, we had a nice quiet two days of visiting.

When I got home, Gary and I staked out the new barn out the back door and much closer to the house (nice in the winter!).

Unfortunately those evergreens have to go! But I'm excited to begin work! Gary is working on getting a permit and we are making a list for Lowe's. We have to call the man with the equipment to come take down the trees and dig holes for the footers. This is all too slow for me but since the heat has come back it's hard to motivate the guys I live with!

Hopefully the landscape will be changing soon and more pictures to come!

Happy Labor Day Weekend!


  1. Love that

    Congrats on the new barn plan! I look forward to your progress :-)

  2. Hi Karen! Can't wait for the barn to actually move forward!!

  3. I love that picture of your son--and I've been drooling over your shop. Someday...

  4. Hi Dawn! Noah is a keeper, for sure and thanks for the compliment!! We have a mutual admiration society! xo