Sunday, September 18, 2011

Horse vs. Machine...

The guy with the excavator came today! WOOHOO!!! Even though the horses weren't sure what to make of him. He moved enormous rocks out of one of their pastures and filled in the holes. And he is using the rocks to make a road through to the pond which probably won't be passable until next year after we get truckloads of gravel and sand but it's a start. He took down the trees that were in the way of the new barn. And he is back today to strip off the sod and pull out more rocks. I swear this farm was built entirely on rock. I am exhausted from watching. Did I mention that my friend Edie brought over a couple of lawn chairs?

Enjoy! xo


  1. Your leopard app is soooo spotted!! beautiful.

    My guys are used to the machines, since they live here with the horses. Right now we're grading a hay field and they ignore the ruckus.

    You must be so excited for this new barn!

  2. Hi Karen! The guys have calmed down now that the equipment is gone...Dom seemed to think it was a rather large animal taking over his pasture!

  3. dom puts on quite the show, but perhaps he's vexed because the machine is too close to a special patch of good eating! this is so funny!!!!