Sunday, September 25, 2011

Good Morning, Horses!

Ahhh horses in the morning...and soon GOODBYE to the old barn! OK maybe not SOON but eventually and we are making progress...

Digging the trench for the water and electric to the barn...thank God for machines sometimes! This would have taken Gary and I another lifetime to dig! And today we put in the lines and got them through the foundation to the cellar to hook up the water! YAY!

Yesterday I was at an art festival and had a wonderful time seeing old friends both artists and customers--made some money (for the barn!!!), had I am EXHAUSTED...phew...


  1. how exciting! can't wait to see the finished barn :)

  2. WOW, cait, this is soooo cool! your horses will be sooo happy. and you will, too. i'm glad!

  3. ...and i love their butts as they exit the tired barn...

  4. Velma, I love their butts, too!!!!