Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Triangle Scarves

I'm on a roll with greens these days! This scarf is made with everything I could find that had green in it. Some hand-dyed threads, some commercial and every fiber you can think of from silk to rayon to cotton and tencel and more! I'm very happy with it!! Hopefully I'll finish it during the next couple of days and get it photographed on Katie and loaded on Etsy by the weekend! YAY for creativity! I've also started knitting at chemo which is such a good use of the time there and since I have my port it frees up my hands and arms for making! (oh yeah, the new hat I'm knitting is green, too) :D

xo Cait


  1. It's beautiful--when I see the care and energy put into making a weave--I'm amazed!

  2. wow that just looks so gorgeous!! :)
    you are very talented wish I knew how to do that!


  3. Keep on gathering those greens..this is a glorious creation, Cait ;I like these triangle scarves..and how they flow.. I look forward to seeing it modeled and posted.. glad you are knitting, too!!

  4. greens are lovely, cait. have you ever made a really big triangle shawl?

  5. Thanks guys for your enthusiasm!!

    Velma, I would need a bigger loom for that. They do sell them but I had a friend make these looms for my classes and it takes the students one day to get through it on this size. It would be beautiful bigger though.

    Olivia, SO nice to see you!!!

    Dawn, it's like making a big potholder with your hands--actually it's a break for me from my floor looms to do this kind of weaving. Come over anytime for lessons!!! :D

    Ginny, yay! finally working a little again!


  6. I love those green colors in this triangle scarf. A lot of work, but so beautiful!

  7. Hello Sweet Thing! Nice to see your scarves once again. Your color selections are always so perfect.

    Don't let that chemo kick your a**.


  8. oh my! i'm loving these triangle scarves. i may have to head right over to your shop and pick one up! the colors are amazing. i am catching up on your blog and enjoying it :)