Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Felted Hats!

I've been knitting hats again--something quiet to do when I'm tired and I'm also knitting during my chemo on Mondays since it takes several hours just sitting there in the infusion room at the hospital. My Mom taught me how to knit when I was young but I really didn't like it until I grew older--now I find it very soothing as well as portable. I haven't been weaving as much as I would like but I'm trying to cut myself some slack here and heal. So knitting brings me to a good place in my head. I'm still creating and I love seeing the flat hats become 3-dimensional felted wonders when I throw them in the washing machine! I will be selling them at the Clayton Craft Fair the end of August. I find that people love trying on hats and it helps bring in people to my booth. We are hoping for a feeding (and buying) frenzy! :D
I also just heard from a friend who I knew all through grammar school and high school. She is right now sailing on the St. Lawrence and wants to see me! I'm so excited! I haven't seen her since we were 18 yo! So I think I will see her Monday! YAY! I can't wait and hopefully they can stay overnight at least and we can visit! So I'm off to clean at least the worst of the grunge in the bathrooms! And recruiting Noah to help since Alex is at work!
xo Cait


  1. I love those felted hats! It's so amazing that they go from that first picture to the 2nd in one trip through the washing machine! So very cool! I'm very drawn to these... I love hats. I'd be one of those people in your booth trying them on, for sure!

    Hope you have a great visit with your friend! How fun to catch up after all those years!

    Take care, Cait... continue to relax, rest, heal, and enjoy your life! Still sending up thoughts and sending out hugs for you!

  2. These hats are beautiful...I love the form and colours!

  3. beautiful! simply beautiful! I've recently started knitting. and you've inspired me (once again)

    rachel (in seattle)

  4. Oh Rachel! It's wonderful that you think I'm inspiring!!--knitting is so good for the spirit...xo
    Dawn and Rebecca! Beaeutiful comments from beautiful artists! xo