Monday, November 9, 2009

Quietness and my Chocolate Mocha Chenille Scarf

Well, for some reason I'm all subdued lately--Sometimes I am too close to all those colors and I have to go to a quiet place to refresh my spirit. This weekend Gary and I worked outside--I brushhogged with my walk behind DR some horse paths in my field and a path leading out to the field. We now have a tractor boarding in our barn which we can use! YAY! So we are making more paths through the woods and getting firewood at the same time. This morning I rode with my friend Anne and we checked out the new paths! It was around 60 degrees out!!! Feel much better when I ride in the morning!

My paths in the field bordering on our woods...

Path down from the barn going over to the field...

In our woods we have a pond--and the woods are full of crunchy leaves--love the sound of the horses walking through the fallen leaves! And the pond is a lovely, serene place to think!!

And so my palette for today is chocolate!! Finished one scarf and I have washed it. Now just waiting for it to dry then I will toss it in the dryer to soften and see what it really looks like!!

Ahhhhh, I needed some quiet...

Happy Monday! xo


  1. What a lovely spot to ride and contemplate the silence! I can almost smell that fresh country air. And then seeing how you incorporate that palette into your creations is both impressive and inspiring. Thank you Cait, for sharing your quiet place with us!
    xoxoxo Mollie

  2. oh! that's beautiful! would it be good for a man? or is it too feminine?

  3. Thanks Mollie!! I find you and the team to be inspiring daily!! What a group!!

    Sarah, yes it would be great for a man--I knot the fringe and then cut it short so it is really gender neutral--like my Warm Honey scarf. My husband has one of my chenille scarves and loves it! I am trying to get him to pose with one!!! Maybe this week if I can catch him before work! :) xo

  4. It's alright, I think we all get a little subdued now and then. For me it's in Jaunuary February, (the winter time blues) anyway I miss you when your gone... sounds weird since I've never met you, but I always enjoy your blogs and your posts! Take care, and enjoy these lovely fall days!
    Xanna :)

  5. Lovely pictures. Made me feel all sleepy again looking at the paths through the woods.

    Love the chocolate scarf. Lovely yummy colours, all warm and cosy. :-)

  6. Your meandering paths are quite lovely, Cait... different from mine which lead to the mountain, but still full of those soft and subdued colors... no wonder you've been feeling that way! And I love the deep richness of the chocolate scarf! Gorgeous.