Thursday, November 19, 2009

Weaving Outside!!

Sunshine and Shimmer III scarves on a 22" floor loom

A triangle scarf in the making!

Oh dear you can see the dead pumpkins behind the loom!

Almost finished!

Today was just an amazing day!!! I woke up and everything was frosty and sun kissed. After a wonderful riding lesson on Dommie, I came in to weave but I felt like I was working in a cave and it was just too nice out sooooo I moved one 22" floor loom and my triangle loom out to the porch. I banged in some nails to hang the triangle and alternated my weaving the rest of the day... How often is November like this! Tomorrow I will try to get Katie (model) over to photograph the triangle scarf on her and the Sunshine and Shimmer III scarves are also ready to be photographed. Ahhhhh, feels like such an accomplishment! Now I have some wonderful green chenille warp to put on! And there is chili in the oven just waiting--it doesn't get better than this!!!



  1. looks like a fabulous day in everyway! and who doesn't have a dead pumpkin in their yard right now? it's my november decorating statement!

  2. This is gorgeous. I love the lightness of it. Fab!

  3. Must have been a beauty of a day up there in NY... we had some unseasonably warm days here, too, even for NC, in which I was painting in a tank top in the studio!! We best enjoy those days while we can... that cold stuff will soon be upon us! Love the colors in your sunshine and shimmer... perfect title!

  4. I love the colours of the triangle scarf, we're just experiencing non stop rain at the moment :(