Friday, August 14, 2015

Student Work continued...

So my student made a little warp, dressed the loom, including a complicated little pattern, and wove it off.  Overshot with two shuttles!  WooHoo!  Great job, Kathy!

Knotting the fringe

A little beauty for her table!

Off to get our new puppy, Hannah, tomorrow.  An English Lab female.  It has been 35 years since I had a puppy.  OMG...What am I thinking.  My rescue dog is 15 years old, deaf, and wears a diaper.  These labs are bred for temperament not really for show.  And I want to raise a therapy dog and go to nursing homes.  I remember when I was in the hospital in NYC a therapy poodle came through a couple of times.  So sweet and comforting.


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