Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Doll House...

Well.  So far I've used BIN everywhere on the dollhouse.
Then I picked out colors and mixed them--a different
color for each room.  I haven't finished the hallway
upstairs and I haven't painted the trim outside.
BUT I have been on Ebay.
And yes, I have been buying.
Hopefully the first batch of "stuff"
should arrive the end of the week.

 Living Room

 Master Bedroom

 Kitchen and closet

 Looks a bit cleaner

Beginning to paint!

I'm feeling a bit obsessive on Ebay
hunting down miniatures, setting
the timer for auctions...
but honestly, I totally need a break from weaving
and trying to make money.  This is
just for me.  

 Picked up some Christmas trees.
And I painted everything girly colors!

Way too much fun.  I wish my Mom could
see the old house now!


  1. wow! that looks very pretty!
    well done!

  2. Good for you.........do it just for you.
    It looks like fun!!!!

  3. i think this is a fun project for you, cait. transforming your old house into a dream house must be fun, and mind freeing!