Friday, January 17, 2014

Catch Up

As some of you know this is a hard time of year for me...anniversaries of cancer diagnosis, Whipple surgery, infection surgery...I try not to dwell on it but when it is cold and dark, it sometimes sneaks back into my brain.  The good thing is I just passed my 4th anniversary of the Whipple even though the surgeon only "gave" me two years.  And I'm feeling pretty good.

We filled the house for Christmas with Noah and his girlfriend Sofia and music and good food...maybe a little too much food but it was good. Alex came over to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with us.

We dealt with an ice storm...never lost power but lost part of one stovepipe and developed leaks in the store/show room from the stupid flat roof.  Who puts a flat roof on an addition in the North Country??  We have fixed it three times!
Noah shoveling the roof
Gary had come in by the time I took the picture.  I moved yarn and my 8-harness into the guest room out of harm's way. Still have buckets ready and waiting because we can't really fix it until spring...

Noah's 23rd Birthday
Victoria finally gets her Christmas present

And a dyeing day (actually three days) and enough to last months.  

And in using up the dye I recolored some old loopers from a 40 year old rug I had originally bought at the hospital I worked at...woven by a psych patient, and washed so many times it turned a pale gray and had broken threads.  So I took the rug apart, dyed it, and warped for a new rug and rewove it.  Feels so good to still keep the memories and have a new rug to actually use.

So I've started weaving again after taking a short break...working on wide chenille scarves with a supplemental warp.  I'll take photos soon.  Meanwhile, Happy Friday, everyone!


  1. Great catch up Cait!! So good to hear about what you are doing !! This winter will bring us a great Spring and Summer !! We had a prob with our stove pipe too that ice is a powerful mover. Cracked our furnace chimney but we can get by until
    Spring too!!Luckily it is on an outside porch and only drips when it rains.

  2. What a pretty looper rug; you must feel very good about it! You should see the snow we are having over here by the Rockies. Fran