Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Change in Direction...

I'm kinda burned out with weaving right now.  
So I'm busy trying to refurbish the old doll house
I inherited. My Dad built it maybe early 50s
and it is a replica of the little development house
 we lived in when I was born.
My own ticky tacky house!
My older sister's boys played with it
rather roughly so I have my
work cut out for me.

Plus it was in my barn for probably 20 years...

It was filthy so I washed it in the shower...

scraped wallpaper...

Tried to wash the magic marker off the
window and door trim...

Everything so grubby...

I can almost remember where the furniture was...

And my sister Maureen and I slept
upstairs on the right.  Me under the far back
window and Maureen under the side window.
The boys, Paul and Kevin slept on the
other side.

Next step...BIN on every single surface!
And I'm already drooling over all the
miniature furniture on Ebay...

Hope you all are enjoying the season.
Thank you for your kind comments...I am still
processing my Mom's death.  I still think of things
to tell her.  I still reach for the phone to tell her
something.  She died on Gary's and my 25th
Anniversary.  I was asleep in her house while
one of my sisters stayed up with her.  It's hard
to say goodbye.



  1. Its now 2.5 years since my Dad died. And whilst I no longer reach for the phone, I do still get caught out by the "Ooh, I must tell Dad" thoughts when I see something I think he would have appreciated. I tell him in my head instead. I was fortunate enough to have had a relatively predictable Dad which means his advice, and responses to me and my thoughts, live within me and are easily channeled.

    Don't rush yourself. Take time. Adapt. And take care.

  2. Families - sometimes there is no explanation. Had a similar experience when my dad died, everyone was there to help my parents move house but it was decided that I should stay home as I had two small children, so I missed the chance to say goodbye when he was taken to hospital. 20 years ago and although I have come to terms with it, it still smarts. However, what's done is done. Look after yourself, grief and acceptance take time.

    Lovely project BTW - wish I had my old doll's house to play with!

  3. I no longer have my doll's house either. But I do know when and where it went. And how much we sold it for. One of the projects I do to help me cope with Mum's dementia is a twitter based project called 30yearsagotoday ( where I publish an extract of her journal from 30 years ago. A recent entry ( says "Hilda and Rosemary came to buy Jane's dolls house for £3"

  4. cait, thinking of you. firsts without a loved one are hard.