Thursday, June 13, 2013

Sister to the rescue and my Derby hat!

My sister, Faith, came up to visit...and I needed it.  We don't get many visitors way up here in the North Country (or Tundra as Faith's husband likes to call it).  So we had a party and celebrated both Faith's birthday and my good friend Edie's birthday.  Noah fiddled, Edie's husband, Mark, played the bodhran, Gary on the guitar...

Yesterday, Faith and I went shopping, bought shoes, matching bracelets...

Gary and I are going to Saratoga for his company's regional weekend meeting in a week and one of those nights they are having a derby party so we had to decorate a hat for me.  So much fun crammed into two days with my sister!

Faith rolling flowers...

Hat ready to party!

I think it is beautiful and we had so much fun doing it.  All the flowers are glued on a ribbon so I can remove it and the hat is unharmed.  Really needed to have fun and laugh and do arts and crafts like a kid.  Thanks, Faith!


  1. What a great visit! and gorgeous Derby hat. Now go have more fun!

  2. enjoy, and, again, give ellie some will both get it sorted out.