Monday, June 17, 2013


Tomorrow is a training lesson for us, for Ellie...but tonight it is all about grass.

Unfortunately for my blog we can't photograph the training sessions but we both love the guy who is coming every week.  Ellie is learning to tolerate strange things on her body, things flapping next to her...she is learning to be very sensitive to the rope connecting her to trainer Al...leaving slack while she walks around him...ears forward...waiting for his signal to stop, turn, set her hindquarters, face him, step back and lead out with the right foot going the other way.  But before this, I have to say, I brought her up to the arena and took off her halter to let her eat some grass.  Then when Al came she decided that she didn't feel like working that day.  After 15 minutes of cantering, trotting, bucking and not being allowed to stop and eat grass, or turn her butt to him, she stopped, faced him, and let him put her halter back on.  phew.  On to the lessons.  I totally love this stuff though I do miss the actual riding.  And, of course, I could ride Duke...but he is so boring.  So I think by fall I might have an amazing horse!  We'll see.  Meanwhile I'm weaving and selling and trying to make enough to afford her education!

Three more days until Saratoga and Gary's regional meeting (which is always a lovely weekend!).


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