Monday, May 27, 2013

My Ellie

Well, Ellie doesn't know much about lunging, that's for sure.  Whoa doesn't seem to be in her vocabulary.  And I think we were expecting more than she could process at this point.  And we need a rope halter that fits her instead of the nylon one but Dommie's is too big and we haven't had a chance to get another.  But leading her has improved after only a couple of times and I have contacted a local trainer who is recommended by my riding instructor.  He will get us started in a couple of days.  Meanwhile, I am riding Duke.  sigh.  And when they are out of sight of each other there is all this hollering back and forth.  But they need to get used to being separated.  Tomorrow Duke and I are going out on the trail and field and I'll lock her in her stall.

Meanwhile, I'm weaving a new scarf (so much calmer than horses!!) and working on a chenille scarf warp (still in design mode) for a customer.

Ellie happy in the big field!
Hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful weather!

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