Friday, May 17, 2013


Well, first we did a free lunging session in the morning which was a complete disaster.  Ellie only wanted to eat grass and when I harassed her to run she first had a completely lovely suspended trot and when I lowered my pressure she didn't pay any attention and started galloping faster and faster around in smaller and smaller circles...totally freaking out and freaking me out because I had no way to stop her...I have never seen a horse move that fast.  Never.  So finally she stopped and I clipped on a lead rope and we walked until she could calm down.  phew.  Then I put her back in the paddock.  OMG.  That didn't work.

Then later that evening after dinner we took her out to the arena again and put her on a line and had a very gentle time of it.  She was sweet and mostly walked because I didn't want to rev her up again.  So at least we ended on a good note for the day.  Oh the learning we are doing!  Ellie doesn't know anything about personal space (and staying out of mine).  My wonderful trainer and friend, Nancey, is coming over this morning to help me.  Yes.

Ellie in her stall for the night.  She loves the window.

The sky was amazing last night!

Gary gently lunging Ellie...
Another beautiful day and I'm loving life!

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