Friday, May 10, 2013

I Bought A Horse!!

Woooooo Hoooooo!!!  I bought a horse...a very young Appendix mare with front shoes...I know, I know I said no mare and no shoes but sometimes you have to give a little.  And she is only 5 and hasn't always had shoes so I feel confident that she will be able to go without.  Oh yeah...I said no mare.  Well...Duke will be very happy.  Maybe too happy.  Might be hard to separate them but we'll just have to see.  Duke, by the way, has always been sort of stand-offish but lately he has started coming when I call him and liking some attention.  That will probably all stop when the girlfriend shows up.  This horse looks so skinny to me, too.  Especially since I'm used to chunkos.  I better work harder at my diet so she doesn't collapse under the weight...

So all of a sudden we have to do some work around getting electric to the barn and fence.  Picking up stones...fixing some boards in my outdoor arena...and the gate is hanging from only one hinge out there.  Going to be a busy weekend.  And I don't really know when I can get her here...have to talk to the hauler but I'm sure it will be next week sometime.  I am so excited but it is coming out in a crabby way...
They called her "Dressed in Chanel"
and her barn name is Elle...but we will call her

And Noah called!!  He has landed in NYC and will be coming home tomorrow sometime!  YAY!  Haven't seen him since January when he left for Australia.  Such a nice gift for Mother's Day!

Hope everyone enjoys the weekend!


  1. Congratulations Cait! She's beautiful! And I'm so happy that you'll have a great Mother's Day too!


  2. I am so happy for you Cait. She looks great. Happy Mother's Day for sure. !!!

  3. Happy Mothers Day Cait! You've got a new baby to nurture!... and enjoy your long anticipated visit with your son :-)