Monday, April 1, 2013

Shopping for Horses...

Well, thanks to Karen of This old house 2, We drove to
Rhode Island on Saturday to look at a horse.

 Tupper Lake, NY.  No spring yet...

Narragansett Beach, RI.  Does my heart good
to walk in the sand, listen to the waves...

So once we got to RI we checked out this
amazing, amazing Barn.
Yes, with a capital
This place was so amazing I'm nervous.
The horses have more clothes than I have.
But we didn't get any pictures of the place
which was dumb.  But we were saving 
batteries for video...Anyway, his name is
"Cash" and at this point all I could see was
his tallness and he had on a blanket.
Not much to go on and I'm not used to
tall horses.

And that was it until the next day.  
Got a motel room, ate, drank some
wine, Watched part of Mulan on TV, slept.  

Next morning we showed up (Easter!) at 9 and
met one of the trainers, Alicia. And we
spent the next couple of hours playing.
She rode, I rode, another girl jumped him.
We hung out, asked questions.  Cash is so
gorgeous and tall (very tall) and so nice and
patient and willing.  So of course now I want to
buy him where before I was sorta thinking no that this
was a mistake dragging Gary all the way down here.
Mostly I was surprised that he was so much fun. 
Gary says I was grinning the whole time I was riding.

Now we are back home, trying to figure out if
he is the next horse for me and if he could be happy
up here in the North country.

Too bad this is not me riding him but Gary says
I never told him to take pictures when I was
riding.  sigh.

Karen, thank you.  It was really a lovely experience!!


  1. ..I am so very glad :-) And I hope you take the leap. Do you love your horses? yes you do. Do you take good care of them? Yes you do. Do they need a fancy barn? Heck no. See above.

    I look forward to your next horse adventures

  2. Aww.. a sweet story, a beautiful horse; I look forward to next part of the story..xx

  3. He's very pretty. I am surprised you didn't bring him home!!!