Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Horse Hunting...Birthdays...Weaving...

I know...I've been missing lately.  So much going on and not wanting to spend too much time on the computer.  Went down to see my Mom for her 92nd birthday.  That was good.  She actually looks better than she is feeling, however.  Her mind is going.  She asks the same thing over and over.  She forgets a minute after you tell her something.  But it was sweet to spend a couple of days with her.  Brought her to the grocery store where she does really well walking with the cart.  Brought her to church.  Went out to lunch.  I just wish it wasn't almost 6 hours away!

 Then home to Gary's birthday.  We gave up wheat so I made little individual cheesecakes without any crust.  It was yummy and just enough.  

Last weekend we drove to Geneseo (4 hours away) to look at some horses.  That was totally exhausting.  I am so out of shape and those horses needed some leg to pay attention.  After riding 6 of them I was done...completely done.  They are not like Dommie, that's for sure.  They are all jumpers and I feel that they lack sensitivity.  But it could be that because the one I liked (the first paint in the video) (and no that isn't me riding) was a lesson horse he might be a little shut down.  And if he had one owner he might lighten up.  He is a thoroughbred paint.  I don't know...Every horse in the video was there for me to try.  Amazing.  The horse in Rhode Island, Cash, certainly raised the bar though for any other horse.  But he is 18 and has to have shoes and I need barefoot so even though I really liked him I don't think I can afford to keep him.  

So I am still looking...meanwhile I'm working on a scarf for one of my favorite customers...

So...weaving has become my solace since I can't ride...


  1. Hmmm... I'm sorry that Cash isn't going to work out for you, did they give you a reason why he can't be barefoot?

    I wasn't thrilled with the look of the paint, something in the way he moved looked like he might be slightly uncomfortable to ride, did you find that at all?

    I will continue to keep my eyes open, I know what you're looking for. Don't settle for less than something that just tells you he/she is your horse. :-)

  2. I love the yarn you used in the scarf. Can you tell me what you used?