Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sunset Shawl and a Walk in the Woods

 Well, I'm weaving on and off. I love this warp and
 I'm weaving the first shawl with a coral tencel

on my new-to-me Schacht loom.  Simply a lovely piece of equipment.

 This was before the snow storm.
You could almost feel that the weather was turning into Spring.  
Today, not so much.
Our field...
 Heading into the woods we found a tree across
my riding path.  

 More riding paths in the woods.

Our pond.
 Looking back up at the house and barn from the pond.
There is an almost-complete road down through
the swamp in between us but still needs work.
And certainly isn't horse ready.
And today...Well, we stayed in where it is warm and toasty.
The wood stove is lovely.
I'm weaving.

And that paint horse I was going to see was sold
to the woman who saw him
the day before we were
 supposed to go. 
 But that's ok.

Karen from This Old House 2 has a friend in RI who
is selling a gelding.  And I found a quarterhorse
rescue in Bolton, MA.  So we are off on Easter
Weekend to see them.  I'm trying not
to get excited.  OK I'm a little excited.
We'll see.  I'm going to let
instinct guide me.

No matter what horse I get, it takes time to build a
relationship.  Time to trust.  Time to understand
each other.  Time to adjust.  Time to love.


  1. ...and you know I'm wishing you the very best when chosing your next equine partner. Enjoy the search, that can be half the fun!

    THose colors are beautiful, nice work.

  2. Gorgeous colors on your loom. Best wishes for a successful search. I am sure your heart will lead you well.