Sunday, March 3, 2013

What a Weekend...

Saturday was lovely...put on a warp...took a nap...
Gary and I went out to dinner (!)...and came home and
 watched the most remarkable movie 
I think I have ever seen--
Beasts of the Southern Wild.
I am still processing.  
One of those movies you will never forget. 

This is my new warp. 
 No name yet but I have already finished one scarf but haven't taken it off the loom.

And here is "Seascape" a shawl I've also been working on.


I'm weaving three of these...the first one is woven with an icy blue.

Woke up Friday to more snow...

Today I figured we would have a peaceful Sunday...
Gary went out to do the horses and Dommie was colicking again.
He wasn't terrible but he wasn't happy.
I had one more shot of Banamine but Gary thought we could wait.
Finally, in the afternoon he was running
and getting agitated and rolling and generally miserable
so we gave him the shot.  He is somewhat better.
We'll see what tomorrow brings.
I'm exhausted emotionally.
I love this horse.
I took this video from the back door and he is in the north pasture.  Sort of far away.
Here's hoping tomorrow is better.


  1. oh, no, dommie's sick again? what's going on with this boy? so sorry.

  2. Love the new warp - it is so yummy! I just finished some brown rag runners- your warp makes me want to get a new one on ASAP!