Monday, February 4, 2013

New Beginnings Scarf...

 I actually have an empty loom!  So after running errands this morning and making sure all the fires were going, feeding the birds, checking the horses and going for my check-up, I started a cotton warp.  I have so many cones of cotton and I'm tired of weaving towels so I've been working on making scarves/shawls out of the cotton with tencel as the weft.  Normally I do stripes of color, one color, then another.  But here I've blended colors, sometimes using three and sometimes using two at a time.  When I warp I'm going to decide if I will keep them as they are or regroup them slightly.  So my new warp.  Enough for three scarves, 14 inches wide.  

Warp about half done...

 Warp about 9 inches wide

 Some of the cones

Ready to be tied up and transferred to the loom.

But now I'm tired and have to re-check the fires and think about getting the horses in and cooking some dinner...good thing I don't clean or I would never get anything done in the winter!

Oh and the check-up was with my nurse practitioner and everything is fine.  I refused a mammogram because I feel like I glow in the dark after all the CT scans and chest x-rays but she was ok with that.

And I set up another triangle class...this time with the local arts council for March 2.  We'll see if they get any interest.  

Happy Monday!


  1. your colors are always so pretty :)

  2. Love all those delicious pictures of your fibers and colors. I am glad you don't have to clean either. I know what you mean about all the little chores eating away the daylight. I am up very early today to get some bead making time in the quiet of the dawn. Have a great week Cait. So glad the checkup went well.

  3. Very nice colours for ladies scarves! I also love the way you knitted the scarves. You're very artistic. Yes, those little chores can really keep us busy, but we can still find ways to do what we love doing, right?

  4. These colors look like a painting I did! I always tell people I got my color sense from you...

    Love you, Mom!

    1. Adam, I'm touched that you tell people that!! Your paintings are amazing, totally amazing and I'm glad they are selling! Love you, too!

  5. is spring..
    best wishes wiebek

    das sind ja wunderbare Farben des Frühlings!

  6. Ciao Cait! I have been remiss about blog readings and postings..and am aiming to remedy that today..or tomorrow!! lol! How great that Adam knows he got his color sense from you!! Love these photos. have been thinking of you a lot lately. Will message soon!! xxxxxoooo