Saturday, February 2, 2013

Knitted Flowers...

I've made these before but I'm in the mood for some knitting right now.  My brain is whirling with ideas for weaving but I can't seem to focus lately.  Knitting does that for me and making these little pins is therapeutic.  I have lovely hand-dyed threads with bumps and texture just aching to be used.  

Add some seed beads...a bit of lace and a pin back.  There.  Maybe I should post the directions in case someone else wants to make these?

Happy Saturday!

Oh yeah...Noah called from Australia...seems like they are visiting little farms right now after surviving the largest cyclone (Cyclone Oswald) Byron Bay has ever seen.  Anyway, under every farm porch it seems there is a resident python who comes out to keep the little critters in check...WHAT???!!  


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