Thursday, February 14, 2013

Early Dawn Table Runner...

Finished up a runner for a customer today.  She wanted one like the Early Dawn scarf but wider and shorter and thicker.  It actually turned out wonderfully well.  She wanted 14" x 68" so I put on a warp 16" and wove 78".  Then I washed it in hot water and set it to dry.  When it was almost dry it was 14 1/4" and three inches too long so I threw it in the dryer.  Then I cut out some of the weaving for a couple of inches and twisted the fringe and it is PERFECT!  I'm so happy!  I love it when a plan comes together!! :)

Cutting out some of the weaving

Twisting the fringe

Washed, dried, twisted and done!
Plus we had a chat with Noah in Australia the other night.  We skyped for 1 1/2 hours.  It was just like having him at the kitchen table!  There wasn't the usual delay where your mouth moves and then several seconds later the sound comes out.  And I sat far enough away without my glasses on so I couldn't really "see" the mini me in the corner (very disconcerting that mini me).  Gary and Noah solved all the world's problems so that is taken care of and I totally enjoyed the visit!  Now we have to set up to skype with Adam and Alicia and Ava.  Or maybe just Ava.  That would be good.

Meanwhile Happy Valentine's Day everyone!  We are having a quiet night at home...Project Runway is on so...


  1. It's gorgeous, and the way you finish it is perfection itself!

  2. Hi dear Cait: so glad I caught this posting today. A lovely project, indeed!! Yes, it is Wonderful when a project comes together; so glad you got to Skype with Noah in Australia..Ava will probably ahve less to say but how grand slyping will be!! xxxoooo

  3. Mom, that's awesome that skype worked for you. Good to hear the camera and computer work. I will check Ava's schedule. She is a busy girl, but she would love to talk to her Nana! How about this weekend?
    I love the twist fringe, by the way!

  4. My that customer will be delighted by the sight of this lovely craft. Got my eye on your next posts.