Monday, January 9, 2012

Noah's 21st Birthday!

OK here I am playing Little Susie Homemaker...birthday cake time. Cake looks nice, doesn't it...just whipping up a little frosting...

This is not the first cake. I made a cake (both from scratch) starting at 7:30 AM even before I had coffee because I had so much to do that day.

This is the first cake. I beat it (though I swear I timed it TWO MINUTES) and filled the pans. Put it in the oven, set the timer, and got online to check email. After a while I smelled it cooking. OK if I knew how to cross out I would have crossed out cooking and put in burning. This fire is not my first. The cake rises, overflows, and starts a fire on the bottom of my oven. So I put out the fire, scraped out the burning mass and hoped for the best. Which obviously did not happen. The cake deflated (DUH, the oven door was open for a while) and I had to scrape that out of the pans. And start over. I had coffee first. This time I filled the pans and poured some of the batter down the sink (it was extra).

And this is not the first time...I seem to have a mental block about cakes. But we got candles on it and celebrated and Noah went to the obligatory liquor store and bought a six-pack.

Oh and we had a lovely guest, Sofia, up from her home in Manhattan. She stayed for a few days. I love it when the house is full. Noah brought her to Plattsburg and she took the train home.

Alex being cute...

Time goes by so they look old enough to drink?????

Alex and Noah

Noah in a quiet moment...

My little guys.


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  1. Sweet, dear Cait! You, the cake(s), the stories, the little and big guys, the photos! Sounds like a wonderful time...and of course as Noah and i share a birthday I'm sending a little extra celebratory light from all the candles on my cake (need sunglasses!) and a virtual 6 pack for Noah!!