Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nancy's Scarf...

I have a commission for a few scarves designed by my customer and me...this one will be pinks and purple with hits of teal and black. The first thing I do is pull anything I think will work. Anything with any of these colors goes into the pile and I will cull as I design the warp.

Then I start winding on the warping board. A couple of threads of this color, a couple of threads of that color and I build the scarf warp. Here it is about 1 inch wide and three scarves long.

Starting to add more purple...about 3" wide now.

Loving the texture...needs a little more pink...

Adding a bit more pink and now it is 5 inches wide, still 3 scarves long and I'm finished. The scarf will actually be about 4 1/2" wide when it is woven because as I weave it comes in on the edges and then washing will shrink it a bit more.

I hope everyone's Christmas and New Year was wonderful. Today is Noah's 21st birthday and I'm off to make a cake! Stay warm. Be happy.