Thursday, January 19, 2012

Nancy's Scarf #2 (maybe...)

Scarf number 2 for my customer, Nancy...So I pulled some wool, she is allergic...and she wants primary colors...mostly blue and red with some green and yellow.

So I made a warp, transferred it to the loom, threaded it, sleyed the reed, tied it on and was ready to weave.  Then off to my Mom's for a couple of days.  When I got back I had a note from Nancy to please make this one less textured.  Hmmmmm...

Soooooo I dropped some yarns off the back and added some ribbon yarns which were flat.  But there is a limit to how many I can do that way...

And I'm not at all sure it made too much difference and it is going to be hard for her to tell without actually touching the scarf.  Here it is finished.  I like it and will sell it anyway so I can always begin another for her. 

I should know better but I was excited to try these colors...always an adventure!


  1. Oh man, your weaving is amazing!! I sure hanker to do more of that. Great job!

  2. It's gorgeous! Love the colours and it looks so soft! xo

  3. I wear you scarf almost every day, Cait, and I can tell anyone--it is a gorgeous thing to have!