Thursday, November 17, 2011

Music Weekend with Noah and Friends

Ok, it's been a while...but my computer is acting up and doesn't always want to load videos...ANYWAY, Noah came home last weekend bringing 3 musical friends and we played music all weekend! WooHoo! It was amazing and I took videos, honestly, but I took them on a camera he brought from school and they are too dense to load. hmmmm...or maybe I'm too dense?? In any case, I can't load them so you are going to have to hum to yourself. They did play "Sinner Man" which you can also hear if you go to facebook!/pages/Jake-and-Noah/116112751830280 We had such an amazing time. We had Jake on guitar, Joe on fiddle, Noah on violin, and the lovely Sofia as a beautiful audience member (though she also plays instruments). Noah's HS friend Isaiah came over to help with the barn and Alex came home and brought his Victoria to play board games after the music. And we had some good friends stop by with guitar and bowrain and bongos!



Joe (I think Duke is asleep)

Oh yeah, they all rode Duke who wandered aimlessly around the outdoor arena. Did I mention that they had never been on a horse before? And they helped carry big heavy 2 x 10s up to the second floor of the new barn!

Sofia and Jake preparing to cut

Joe and Jake handing up the 2 x 10s to Noah

We're making progress!!


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