Saturday, April 30, 2016

Summer Sorbet Triangle Scarf

Well...I finally finished something...I have most of my looms threaded and stuff started but fatigue has taken a toll this winter.  Mostly I stayed in the kitchen, kept the cookstove going and worked on the fairy houses.  It was too cold in the living room to weave as well.  

Measuring and cutting threads for triangle weaving.


3/4 of the way woven! to take it off the loom and
photograph it!  

Happy Weekend Everyone


  1. What exquisite colours, Cait! I've been drooling over these. Hmmm....

  2. You are a whiz with colors... love it...

  3. So very beautiful! You are very talented!
    My mother was a weaver and did so beautiful works I posted on my blog.

  4. Just sending prayers and good wishes to you, Cait.
    Hope you are well and everything is good.

  5. Long time since this post-the scarf still shines with beauty. I looked back into your archives a bit-I hope your health is ok, and that the lack of posting is-like my blog-life getting too much other stuff in it.

    Peace and may your color sense enrich and inspire many others as it does me.