Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Hannah at 13 weeks...

So far...she has learned to sit, lie down, leave it (sometimes), wait,
and comes to name.
learning to heel, lie down and wait for food.

Took a long walk in the woods this morning off lead
and burned off some energy this cool morning
Then went to the farmer's market to meet and greet.
Farmers market wasn't as crowded this time and she
was very well behaved.  The first time I brought her
she was overwhelmed with tons of people.

Thankfully she doesn't mind her kennel and took
a long nap so I could hem some towels...It has
been interesting to try to work with a puppy!

Enjoying this weather!


  1. She is adorable! and growing right up! xo

  2. Oh--she is beautiful--just want to squeeze her.

    1. Hannah is a total love bug...sweet and wants to please and pretty smart as well! We feel so lucky!