Monday, July 13, 2015

A Wedding...

Here they newly engaged son, Alex, with his Victoria.  They have set a date for next July 2016 in Lake Placid.  I, of course, think they are adorable!  

The old couple...Gary and I.  Actually off the farm on a weekend...who knew!

and Sofia (my lovely model) with Noah...back from job hunting in NYC for a friend's wedding.

Thoroughly enjoying this summer riding Django.  But I am really low on creative juices.  Haven't woven in weeks...have no new ideas, really.  So I guess maybe in the fall it will happen.  I'm not much good in the heat.  That's why I've been getting up at 6:30 to feed the horses their grain and let them eat a little.  Then tacking up and riding by 7:45 or so for an hour then time to hide out in the cool house till evening.

Django hiding out in the barn away from the flies...


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