Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A walk in the woods...

Well...we had 17 truckloads of sand delivered and hired someone to bring it from where it was dumped and spread it on the new road.  The horses love cantering up this sandy path!

 My new road through the swamp and to the woods

 Coming up to the pond...

Meanwhile, Gary and I rented an excavator to dig out rocks both in the pasture and in the woods.  And I had fun piling them on the side of the path.

 Riding path through the woods

Sleepy horses...Django (L), Dakota (M), Skye (R)

Taking a rest day today from riding (me and the horses)...I have been tiring lately but I think it is the humidity and heat.  Having a PET scan Friday just to make sure everything is ok inside.  I never had one before so that should be interesting.  Here's hoping nothing lights up!!!!


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  1. You built a road! How incredible is that?

    I love your new triangle shawls, Cait.