Friday, October 17, 2014

Rainbow Shawl Continuing...

Done with the weaving on the first shawl...there is one more to go.
Cut the first one away from the rest of the warp.

Pulling the shawl off the front where it was rolled up.

The shawl is now washed, dried, the fringe is trimmed
and I just have to put tiny knots in the fringe yarns
so they don't ravel and sew on the label.
Kori, if you are reading this I will photograph
Sunday and send them to you!

Meanwhile I'm preparing for my triangle class
tomorrow all day...baking, cleaning, setting up...
hoping no one is terribly allergic to my kitties...
rearranging the kitchen to fit the stands.
And of course have to go for a ride
on Django!

1 comment:

  1. Love those broad, bold colors. Beautiful!! Enjoy your class today. I enjoyed it when I took it!!!