Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Kori's Shawl/Scarf

Just beginning to pull yarns for a commissioned piece...a shawl/scarf...My customer wants vibrant, rainbow of colors, wide like 20 inches or so...

I don't know what I'm doing yet.  I just pulled everything that appealed to me and dumped it into a couple of totes.  I will know more when I start to make the warp.  I think I'll make two shawls...about 6 yards total and maybe 20 inches wide...about 350 threads...hmmm...I love beginnings...

And of course here are the boys this morning.  Django in the foreground, Ronan in the middle, and Dakota last.  This is totally their pecking order as well.

On a sadder note, my barn kitty, Mieux, went missing two days ago.  I have loved her for 14 years...and can't tell you how much I miss her little presence.  I walked all around the farm calling in case I could hear her hurt and needing me but nothing.  Nothing on the road, food still in her dish...Losing companions is such a painful process. 


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