Monday, September 1, 2014

Finishing the barn

 Building a run-in for the horses so that when I get another horse it will have plenty of space to get out of the bugs and/or cold.  The main aisle is on the left and the new space is on the right.  We haven't opened it up yet but Noah and Gary have been working for days and I had a friend's twin 15yo boys shoveling tons of dirt as well.

All boarded up...

With plenty of room for equipment as well...

Inside the new run-in

We are getting there!  And looked at a horse the other day down by Binghamton, NY.  He was very adorable, sweet, willing, 15 years old and friendly.  So just waiting to hear from his vet.  


Hope everyone's long weekend was wonderful!

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  1. Such a sweet face! and your barn is looking great - I think the horses (and you :) will be very happy there! xo