Friday, September 12, 2014


OK I realized that I never even posted that we got another horse...his name was originally Kota but we are calling him Dakota (mostly because I kept calling him Kato because I couldn't for some reason remember Kota).  He is sweet and is fitting in well here with the other two.  Hopefully we will have enough riders to exercise everyone until the bitter cold.

So pretty!  Our little plains pony!  He is 15 years old and has been used for teaching kids barrel racing for the past year.  We are having steering issues and he doesn't stand at the mounting block until the rider is actually settled.  But I think these are fixable and he is a second horse.  He doesn't mind being left behind...calls a little but doesn't get really distressed.

And hopefully he will be happy and content here.

Happy Friday! xo


  1. He's beautiful and seems to have a very nice disposition over all. Important! Best of luck with Dakota. I love his name.

  2. I used to know a paint horse named Dakota! A solid citizen so I hope your Dakota follows in that same style. What are you weaving these days?