Thursday, July 3, 2014

Out and About to a Craft Fair

Well...let me just say that it is too hot for me to actually participate in a craft fair so, with a few friends, I visited one.  Just off the St. Lawrence River, attracting lots of Canadians, but way too hot.  The two women who put it on keep sending me an application but...Do I really want sweaty people trying on scarves and jackets?  Would they even want to???  It was 92 degrees and not a cloud in sight.  I had a headache after two house of visiting old friends and checking out booths.  And this past weekend we put up 200 bales of hay in the stifling heat.  I loaded 125 bales onto the hay elevator and my shoulders feel it now!

I do like the alpacas!

These are yearlings...male

This one was bottle fed as a baby so he was very friendly...

And I love the garden sculptures!

especially this one!  Too expensive for me, though.

Hot people...

So Happy Fourth of July everyone!!

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