Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Walk in the Woods

Last night Gary and I went out to walk the woods and plan some riding paths.  Armed with red spray paint for the trees that have to come down.  Tripped over many, many, mossy rocks hidden in the underbrush along with downed tree limbs.  The ferns were as tall as I am.  Can't decide whether to hire a bulldozer or an excavator to do the work.  But I'm thinking I'll call the wonderful man who buried my Dommie and have him come over to estimate what needs to be done.  I always want it done yesterday but Gary has to get out there with his chainsaw and take down trees before anything else is done and dragging him out of his beloved garden is so hard...

Looking toward the riding arena and two cute little bunnies...

Part of my riding path in the field...

Older riding path made by a bulldozer years ago which I keep mowing to keep the forest at bay.

Some open places in the woods...

And...this is the problem area.  Very, very rugged.  And I want a loop so the horses can have a nice trot...
AND I need to have the old barn taken down as well.  Thanks to my Mom's estate I can actually get this done this summer!  Meanwhile hay is coming this weekend!


  1. Sounds like a dream come true!! happy riding, cait :)

  2. Your area looks beautiful!! Perfect for riding. ~Doreen

  3. We love doing everything ourselves, but I think I'd hire this one out! Looks like a huge job. What a beautiful place you've got! So glad you get to change it to exactly how you want it.