Thursday, March 20, 2014

Florence, Italy!

We are off to Syracuse tomorrow morning, staying overnight because there is supposed to be snow and we have to drive through a very bad region for snow off the lake (enough that they sometimes have to close the highway).  Saturday early afternoon we catch a flight to Washington, from there to Zurich, and on to Florence!  I can't believe I'm actually going!  Totally on my bucket list.  Alex is moving into the house to take care of everyone.  He is such a sweetie!

We will be gone a week and hopefully the weather will have moderated some by the time we get back!  While I like snow, I think it is time for spring.  Though up here I know I'm asking for mud season.  

There will be photos to come, I promise!!

Two cuffs in the making...splitting the warp in two because
it is too wide for a wide cuff.  These will have
to wait until I'm back!



  1. oh my gosh! how lucky are you :) Have a blast!!

  2. Cait, aside from your lovely cute dogs and beautiful weaving, I'm ecstatic that you are going to Florence! We will be on the same side of the pond, though you a good distance south from me. Have the time of your life, and soak up the beauty! XXX