Saturday, August 10, 2013

Farm Happenings

It's quiet here.  I am weaving like a crazy person because the weather has lightened up.  My wonderful farrier came for the horses.  Ellie is totally behaving herself.  

We had an excavator come to move some rocks in the driveway
so our plow guy in the winter will be happy.
He also took out a huge stump near the new barn.

Ahhh...Gary's garden.  I'm going to make little dolls out of the seedheads.
Though time is really getting away from me lately.

And today I went with a friend to Waddington which is on the
St. Lawrence River to a bass fishing festival.  
OK I didn't take any pictures of the festival
 but while we were walking around the little
 town I fell in love with a few brick houses...
would take more than we have to fix these old beauties up...
 Fell in love with the door...
 and all the detail.

and these window boxes on a different house...yup.
Happy Weekend!

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