Thursday, July 25, 2013

Shimmer...a Scarf/Shawl

I've been working on a custom order and she wanted an autumn shawl/scarf with lots and lots of sparkle.  I am making three of these and have to say they are liquid metallic magic!  Very light and airy and full of life and light!

About every third thread is metallic...either silver, gold or blue.  
But I have such a hard time photographing shinny.


 Done and photographed.  Now to load on Etsy later.

Update on Ellie.  She is doing fine.  Becoming affectionate as she
settles in more.  More compliant and less stressed with her
lessons as she learns we will not hurt her.  
Gary and I will work with her lunging tonight without
my trainer.  Hopefully things will go well!  Though having
the trainer here really helps my confidence, I think
it is time for us to tackle what we have learned.
In any case, he will be back on Monday.

Happy Thursday, everyone.

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  1. You really 'paint' with your warp, and that's what I love and admire about your work. Gorgeous shimmer! Cait, you are an artist.