Friday, July 5, 2013

More Sunshine...

Winding the warp onto the back beam after separating
it into inch sections and dropping those
sections into the raddle which is taped
onto my loom.  

 16 ends (threads) per inch...

8 1/2 yards of warp...enough for 3 shawls woven...

All wound on the back and ready to take the
threads out of the raddle...

and let them hang down from the lease sticks...

Threaded through the heddles in the order I need,
 sleyed through the reed for the
density and width that I want, and
tied on ready to go...

Weaving the first shawl!

This is unrelated to weaving but just had to say
Ellie is doing so well with our trainer.
He comes and the only hard time she gives him right now
is when I have her loose in the arena and he
wants her to stop eating and turn to face him.
She gets a little pissed off that she can't eat
so she runs and hollers.  Then you can see
her think and she will turn and trot over to him.
Sometimes she will slow down and then
start running again like she wasn't sure but soon
enough she gives in and he puts her halter on
and scratches her forehead and lets her rest
near him.  She has gained some weight and
is much more affectionate and relaxed. 
I think she is happy that she is not doing things
that she isn't yet ready for like jumping.
Soon we will be riding.  Soon...


  1. Cait, your shawl looks GORGEOUS! You are one talented lady! I'm glad Ellie is doing well!

    Have a great day.

  2. I'm so happy things are looking up with Ellie, and that is such a cheery sunshiney weave!