Sunday, November 18, 2012

Triangle Weaving Class

 We had a triangle class yesterday!  It was so much fun...the women were wonderful...I had precut and packaged some yarns for them to choose from because all the other classes I have held attendees always bought and cut their own yarn before the class.  But a lot of the women were not happy with how their scarves came out with their choices so I did it for them...I think the results were wonderful!!  And they all left happy and beautiful!  A full day's work from 8:30 to 5:00.
Carol checking out her work...a study in autumnal colors
Joyce, sitting viewing her amazing scarf and Nancey standing...

Nancey's daughter, Emma, working in reds, oranges, and her socks!

 Alex, devised a method for measuring her fringe between the nail holes...
a study in blues and violets...

Nancey's in yummy, textured blue/gray and cream...
Joyce's amazing scarf in greens and blues almost done!

Hmmm...wonder if I can get Emma to model for me!

Didn't get to photograph everyone with their scarves on because light was fading fast and the pictures got blurry but they were all BEAUTIFUL!!
It was a wonderful day...full of music, joy, women and creative energy!  What is not to like!


  1. i know two of your weavers! and what happy women!

  2. Beautiful pieces! and such a nice way to spend a day :-)

  3. The results are so beautiful. I know I would love to do that!

  4. What a fabulous skill to teach other women! The results are all so lovely too.

  5. Well I never thought of weaving in a triangle, but it makes sense and is beautiful!

  6. o, wow! Looks like the best class ever. Happy women, indeed! xx

  7. Loving your color combinations. Triangle weaving, what fun, did you make your looms? I would love to learn how. e-mail me Please?